The Third Order of Loesche Copper Matte Mill for Guangxi Jinchuan Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd, for capacity 400,000 T/A Electro Winning Copper Production in China

In May 2011 Loesche GmbH was awarded with the third order of Copper Matte mill-LM31.3 in Fangchenggang City, P.R. China, following the YangGu Copper Matte project in September 2009 and Tongling Copper Matte project in July 2010. Up to now, Loesche GmbH has successful won all the Copper Matte grinding equipment in Flash Smelting Process which was the most advanced and environmental technology in world for copper smelting and has been widely accepted by Chinese.

Guangxi Jinchuan Non-Ferrous Metals Co.,Ltd belongs  Jinchuan Groups Ltd. which has stepped into the top five copper smelter and biggest nickel producer in China. To be listed in Hong Kong stock market, Jinchuan Groups Ltd invests billions of money in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Province P.R. China for Nickel-Copper production line.

The first order of Loesche GmbH copper matte mill LM 31.3 and  LOMA LF 25 hot gas generator in China have been successfully operated  in Yanggu, Shangdong Province in beginning of 2011. The high quality equipment from Loesche GmbH and Chinese subsidiary has been approved by customer. Facing the critical competition from international enterprises, we always sticks to the quality, market so as to the reliable vender in copper matte grinding field. 

The mill capacity of LM31.3 will be 100 t/h finish product with 85 % passing 200 mesh sieves that could be enough to serve the 400,000 T/A capacity.

In the past few years Loesche GmbH sold 3 LM 31.3,1 LM31.2 and 2 Loma LF 25 to handle those copper contained material in the world. The first one have been serving customer since 1995 with excellent performance in Kennecott UTAH Copper Corp, USA.

On the occasion of the EMC 2011 exhibition in Duesseldorf, Mr. Liang Keming, vice president of Tongling group, Mr. Tan Zunqiu, vice chief engineer of NERIN,  Mr. Lu Gaoping, the director of Jinchang smelter and refinery, Mr. zhou Jun, the vice president of Jinlong smelter and Ms. Chen Qiu had visited Loesche Office Headquarter on 1st July 2011.  Together with sincere welcome, a general introduction regarding project condition has been presented to the Chinese Delegation.

It’s our loyal wish to Jinchuan Group Ltd and other customers a great future and further co-operation.

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