Technical Seminar 2012 ‘Overview on grinding technologies’

Loesche GmbH invites on 26 September 2012 to the very first Technical Seminar in Duesseldorf, Germany. The seminar contents are aimed at newcomers and suppliers to the cement industry as well as plant managers. Topics will be the latest developments in grinding technologies, general requirements of a grinding plant and the optimisation of its grinding process. Specific attention will be paid to the function and dimensioning as well as the process, operation and evaluation of Loesche mills. Lectures on the hydraulic spring systems and gear boxes will also be included.

A limited number of participants guarantees sufficient time for questions and the exchange of experiences. Thus, the Technical Seminar offers the great opportunity to join a network of experts to foster the personal knowledge in an interactive environment, and to establish interesting contacts within the cement industry. The seminar language will be English.

The seminar is organised by the Loesche Training Center in conjunction with the VDZ (German Cement Works Association). The Training Center was founded in 2008 and is an integral part of the Loesche Customer Service in Germany.  Loesche is looking forward to a successful event.

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