Solid fuel dry-grinding plant with Loesche Mill Type LM35.3 D for InterCement – Loma Negra works in Barker, Argentina

The Loma Negra cement factory Barker is situated close to city of Tandil in the province Buenos Aires in Argentina. For their project Barker Coal, InterCement – Loma Negra Cia. Ind. Argentina S.A. has signed an order for a vertical roller mill type LOESCHE LM 35.3 D. The objective of this project is the substitution of natural gas used for firing the rotary kilns.

Solid fuel dry-grinding plant with Loesche mill type LM35.3D for InterCement Loma NegraThe solid fuel dry-grinding plant will be designed for the grinding of coal and petcoke with product rates of 45 t/h coal respectively 30 t/h petcoke.  The material will be ground to a fineness of 5 % (coal) respectively 1,5 % (petcoke) residue on 90 microns sieve. The mill main drive power rating amounts 960 kW.

Besides the Loesche Mill the order comprises the complete machinery of the grinding plant in between the raw coal storage and the pulverized fuel dosification. Furthermore electrical equipment and automation as well as buildings steel structure basic and detail engineering will be delivered by Loesche.

Complete delivery CFR Buenos Aires is scheduled in the second half of 2012. 

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