Loesche unit to demonstrate German milling technology

Düsseldorf-based Loesche GmbH claims that its dry-milling, verticalroller, technology “has significant process advantages, as well as economic and ecological benefits” over conventional mills. To demonstrate its claims, the German company has developed a mobile ore-grinding plant, the  OGPmobile. The first of these units recently commenced operation in southern Asia.  Loesche said the new unit allows customers to test the effectiveness of its grinding technology, especially “its influence on the total material flow of the existing processing plant”. The company notes “the degree of mineral liberation, particle size distribution, energy consumption and throughput can be optimised individually for each deposit and each treatment process, depending on the ore characteristics”.

Loesche claims that the main advantages of the grinding technology, compared with conventional milling technology, are:

• Increased value recovery due to improved mineral liberation;

• Reduced operating costs through lower specific energy consumption and less wear of grinding parts;

• Narrow particle size distribution;

• Rapid adaptation to changes in ore characteristics within a deposit;

• Automatically controlled mill circuit using online control system; and

• Reduced total water consumption by dry grinding and classifying.

Past experience, said Loesche, “shows that these benefits are achievable on various ore types with differing characteristics, such as lead/zinc and nickel.

More about OGPmobile: www.loesche.com

Download our Technical Brochure OGPmobile – Mobile Grinding Mill for Ore in PDF