Process optimisation for ecologically increasing plant performance

With the LMmaster, Loesche Automation/Duesseldorf has introduced into its product portfolio a new product for increasing performance and for supporting the operators of Loesche vertical mills. The LMmaster provides fully automatic control of the grinding process and continously optimises regular plant operation. Online optimisation is achieved through precise depiction of the processes and increases throughput, energy eflìciency and availability.

The most important component in putting such a project into practice is the knowledge of all aspects of the process.  Loesche has the necessary experience and the know-how from a diverse range of fields such as, for exmaple, automation, commissioning and servicing, desig, research and development.  This knowledge makes it possible to create models which reflect the process as accurately as possible in order to be able to derive the necessary calculations from them.  These calculations show the future plant status with the aid of historic data and current process values, manipulated variables and disturbance variables.  The Loesche vertical mill is stabilised during regular operation by means of continuous adaptation of the controller operating points.  The plant is therefore operated as closely as possible to its specified limits.  This in turn increases plant performance.

The software platform required for this purpose is, irrespective of the manufacturer of the automation system, installed on a separate industry PC.  With only a few interventions in the existing automation system and low investment expenditure is this thus possible to increase the efficiency of the grinding plant.  Anyone wishing to operate their plant in line with the latest requirements should not just view LMmaster as an optional extra.

Target markets and applications of the online process optimisation are Loesche vertical mills and al areas of material communition.  The application is intended for both new installations and existing grinding systems.

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Download our Brochure LMmaster – Process Optimisation for Loesche Grinding Plants in PDF