52.5 t/h Coal Mill for Jenakievo/Ukraine – another milestone for PCI plants

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DÜSSELDORF – The leading supplier in the world’s largest vertical roller grinding mills, Loesche GmbH has obtained an order from a customer in the Ukraine.

The new business partner is METINVEST, a European steel producer and an international mining company located in Doentsk. The production plants of METINVEST produce as much primary product as to meet their own demand and to also act as main supplier for the most important steel companies in the Ukraine, in Europe and in Asia.

For the production site Jenakievo, METINVEST placed their order with Loesche GmbH, Duesseldorf, for two Loesche Coal Mills, Type LM 28.2 D. The mills will have a capacity of 52 t/h at a product rate of 20 % R 0,09 mm and a motor capacity of 600 kW. The contract also comprises delivery of two Loesche hot gas generators Type HGG LF 20.

The complete injection system will be supplied by Küttner GmbH & Co. KG, Essen, and is planned to be commissioned in May 2013.

Find out more about Coal Mills for Solid Fuelds our download Technical Brochure in PDF.