LOESCHE signs landmark retrofit contract in India

Bandel Power Station_DE_FINALIn September 2012, the LOESCHE Group, through its offices in the UK and India, signed the first dynamic classifier retrofit contract within the Indian subcontinent.

The project is being designed and engineered at LOESCHE’s office in Horsham, UK, with client interface maintained through local representation by LOESCHE’s office in New Delhi, India.

Thanks to the support from Loesche Energy Systems Ltd. in Horsham, UK, Loesche India (Pvt.) Ltd. now realize their first order in power sector.

The contract with the Doosan Power Services India Ltd is for Bandel Power station, located in West Bengal.

This power station is owned & operated by West BengalPower Development Corporation. The project is for 6 units of LOESCHE LSKS 33 ZD high-efficiency dynamic coal classifiers for upgrading its Bandel power plant. The project will improve the performance of the aged Bandel Thermal Power Plant, which has been in operation for thirty years since its completion in 1982.

The LOESCHE LSKS dynamic classifiers were selected for their flexibility in upgrading the plant’s ability to regain lost generation capacity output due to aged technology by increasing coal throughput in mills, as well as providing their well-proven capabilities in improving fuel fineness distribution to optimise combustion characteristics.  The ultimate goal of the fineness improvement component of the project is the reduction in fuel wastage in the form of unburnt carbon and the simultaneous ability to meet tighter emissions targets as they are introduced.

Although LOESCHE dynamic classifier retrofits have already stood the test of time, with over 300 retrofits completed to date, this project represents a turning point in the Indian subcontinent as forward-thinking operators begin to implement efficiency upgrades, renovation & modernization as part of a drive to improve profitability, reliability and future-proofing of existing old plants. 

Keen to build on this success, LOESCHE continues to target operators worldwide who are seeking efficiency and profitability improvements with its range of well-proven high-efficiency LSKS dynamic classifiers and associated expertise.

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