Loesche America, Inc. was awarded the complete maintenance outage contract for a LOESCHE Mill Type LM 31.2

Loesche America, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has successfully carried out its Turnkey Maintenance Solution for a LOESCHE Mill Type LM 31.2.

Loesche America, Inc. was awarded the complete maintenance outage contract for a LOESCHE Mill Type LM 31.2 for the grinding of copper matte which includes providing spare parts, 24hrs Loesche supervision, manpower, tools, equipment and consumables.

The outage took place over 28 days and was carried out in 2x 12hr shifts. The scope for the outage includes:

– Gearbox replacement

– Roller replacement

– Triple gate replacement

– Hydraulic cylinder replacement

– Grinding plate replacement

– Louvre / armor / dam ring replacement

– Mill feed chute and inlet gas duct replacement

– Mill wall liner replacement

– Rocker arm removal and repair of bearing seats by welding and machining (additional to original scope)

The advantage that Loesche can offer to its customers by offering these turn key services is that we bring transparency and simplicity to maintenance outage planning and execution.

The customer only has to deal with one source for spare parts, field service and OEM supervision.

The customer also benefits in regards to quality, as the complete outage is in the hands of 1 single party and information, technique and planning are all transferred fluidly among all parties. As part of Loesche’s Maintenance Solution, Loesche will periodically meet with its customer’s months before hand to ensure commonly overlooked parts and auxiliary equipment are available as well as provide expertise in planning and streamlining outage activities.

Customers opting for Loesche’s Maintenance Solution can expect to have their outages completed in shorter time and within budget as “unexpected events” are eliminated through planning and onsite execution.

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