Loesche supplies equipment for largest cement works in Turkey

For Silifke, the largest cement works in Turkey with a capacity of 10,000 t/d, the mangement of Medcem Madencilik ve Yapi Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. relies on Loesche grinding technology.

Loesche Mill Type LM 56.3+3, Dadri, India

Loesche Mill Type LM 56.3+3, Dadri, India

Silifke – The new cement works Silifke in the South of Turkey, approximately 100 km west of Mersin, will be equipped with state-of-the-art and energy efficient Loesche vertical roller mills.
With a capacity of 10,000 t/d Silifke will be the largest cement plant in Turkey. In all six Loesche vertical roller mills will be operated in this location:

Two vertical roller mills type LM 56.6 for the grinding of cement raw material with a product rate of 420 t/h each at a product fineness of 12 % R DIN 0,09 mm. The mill drives of both LM 56.6 will have a capacity of 4.600 kW each.

Coal will be ground on a Loesche mill type LM 41.4 D. The mill is designed for a capacity of 75 t/h at a product fineness of 8 % R DIN 0,09 mm. The mill motor of the LM 41.4 D will operate with 1.250 kW.

For the clinker grinding the client relies on three loesche vertical roller mills type LM 56.3+3. Each mill will be producing 210 t/h of OPC at 3,200 Blaine and 250 t/h PPC at 5,500 Blaine. All mill motors for the LM 56.3+3 C are planned with a capacity of 5.300 kW.

In addition to the vertical roller mills for the cement works Silifke, the Loesche scope of supply includes the discharge device of the mill pre-bunker as well as the corresponding dosing technology, parts of the mill circulation systems, dedusting filters and fans as well as components of the product transportation. Special electrical components such as the instrumentation complete the package of hardware supply.

For all three grinding plants the complete basic engineering will be supplied by Loesche, including mill pre-bunker, the grinding plant and the product transportation up to the distribution into the silos.

The services of mounting and commissioning supervision are also part of the contract.

Delivery for Silifke will start at the beginning of 2014.

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