Loesche delivers LM 56.4 to Indonesia

High Pinnacle Construction Pte Ltd., Singapore, decided to use a Loesche Mill Type LM 56.4 to grind cement raw material at their plant in Bandung, Indonesia.

Banyumas – A Loesche vertical roller mill Type LM 56.4 will be used for the grinding of cement raw material at the plant of Pansania Group in Bandung, Indonesia.

The product rate of the vertical roller mill will be 420 t/h with a product fineness of £10% R DIN 0,08 mm. The mill motor will have a capacity of 4,000 kW.

The delivery for the project Banyumas is planned for April 2014.

More information about Dry Grinding Plants for Cement Raw Material at www.loesche.com

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