Loesche coal mill for the change of heavy oil to lignite at solid fuel dry grinding plant in Achinsk, Russia

Loesche Mill Type 28.3 D, Gheco, Thailand

Loesche Mill Type 28.3 D, Gheco, Thailand

For their solid fuel dry-grinding plant at Achinsk, Russia RUSAL Atschinski Glinosjomny Kombinat ordered a Loesche Vertical Roller Mill of the type LM 28.3 D.

Achinsk – The management of the solid fuel drygrinding plant at Achinsk, Russia, RUSAL Atschinski Glinosjomny Kombinat decided to order a LM 28.3 D for the grinding of lignite with a moisture of 35 %. The product rate of the mill will be 50 t/h with a fineness of 20 % R 0,09 mm.  The mill motor will have a capacity of 750 kW.

Further to the mill Loesche’s scope of supply includes the complete import portion of the grinding plant in between coal storage, kiln burners and pulverized fuel dosification. In addition to this Loesche will deliver electrical equipment, automation, the steel structure basic engineering as well as the complete inertisation, coal dust cooler and the hot gas generator with a coal dust combustion.

The LM 28.3 D Vertical Roller Mill will be needed to substitute the heavy oil which is actually used for firing the rotary kilns for the sintering process of nepheline sludge. Loesche will be also responsible for the whole sintering process to keep the same high quality by changing the fuel from heavy oil to lignite.

Delivery will be DDU Achinsk in summer 2014.

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