Second Technical Seminar in Duesseldorf

On 8 and 9 October 2013 the Loesche Training Center invited to the second Technical Seminar in Dusseldorf.

After a successful first seminar 2012, the Loesche Training Center organised a follow-up in October 2013 in Duesseldorf, Germany. More than 40 people (customers, suppliers and colleagues from subsidiaries) from all over the world joined a two-day seminar in the beautiful Hotel MutterHaus in Duesseldorf-Kaiserswerth.

It all started on 7 October 2013 with a wonderful late-autumn evening in Duesseldorf’s most modern part, the Media Harbour. After an interesting architectural tour the delegates had the chance to get to know each other during an ice-breaker party in Germany’s highest bar in the Rhine Tower. A height of 168 metres above sea level offered a stunning view and a great sunset over Duesseldorf. During this first evening all participants already started to exchange experiences with Loesche experts and customers.

The seminar itself took place in the historical Hotel Mutterhaus located in Kaiserswerth. Theodora Bruns and the Loesche Training Center team organised the seminar and Dr Daniel Strohmeyer (Process Technology department, Loesche GmbH) moderated the sessions. Nine lecturers presented an up-to-date overview on process and operation of a Loesche Mill, its hydraulic system, and the latest development in classifier technology. Specific attention was paid to wear, repair and spare parts for Loesche Mills. Lectures on oil quality and oil sampling, but also on new cement types were also  included.

The first presentation was given by Prof Dr Albrecht Wolter from the Technical University Clausthal. He presented an overview on the European standardisation of ternary cements. In the following, Christian Ruthenberg, technical trainer at Loesche and co-organiser of this seminar, spoke about the processing and operating of a Loesche Mill. Carsten Heine from OilDoc GmbH gave an overview on different oil qualities and explained the importance of oil analyses and the correct oil sampling.

After the lunch break, Dirk Grube, Loesche Design department, started the afternoon session which concentrated on hydraulic systems in a Loesche Mill. Subsequently, Dr. Wolfgang Hahmann, HYDAC Technology GmbH, explained hydraulic accumulators in particular.

The end of the first seminar day was a premiere: Dr Regina Krammer, Loesche Training Center, organised a most effective group work called ‘World Café’. The presenters hosted several panels (the so-called World Café tables) where all delegates had the chance to discuss their own specific questions with experts and other customers. This new didactic method was accepted very well and many vivid debates took place at the different tables. Not only delegates, but also the Loesche experts learned a lot during the World Café sessions.

Second Technical Seminar in Duesseldorf

Image 1 and 2: Vivid discussion during the World Cafè session

The first day ended in the Classic Remise Düsseldorf, a center for vintage cars in a historic roundhouse for locomotives. All participants had the unique chance to see beautiful vintage cars and motorbikes in a spectacular atmosphere. Hundreds of photos were taken and all delegates enjoyed the tour filled with stories. It was obvious that cars are the most emotional masterpieces of engineering.

The second seminar day was opened by Helmut Frieling, Loesche Design department, with an interesting presentation on latest developments in classifier technologies. Hugo Meiring, Loesche Technical Field Service, explained how to carry out inspections at Loesche Mills in a cement plant. After a second World Café session, Stefan Wölfel, Loesche Technical Field Service, concentrated on wear and repair in mills. Finally, Oliver Rayen and Ralph Viebrock, Loesche Spare Part Sales, gave an interesting overview on the lifetime and costs of different wear materials for grinding parts.

The Second Technical Seminar Duesseldorf offered a great opportunity to join a network of experts, to foster the personal knowledge and to establish interesting contacts within the cement industry. The Training Center team wants to thank all presenters for their support and effort. The planning for next year‘s Technical Seminar has already started.