Coal grinding plant for a nickel production facility at New Caledonia

Last year Loesche Latinoamericana S.A.U. signed a contract with company Societe Le Nickel- SLN, integrated in ERAMET group. This contract considers design and delivery of a new coal grinding plant to be installed in the nickel production plant already operating in Nouméa, New Caledonia.

Doniambo Le Nickel-SLN selected the vertical mill technology of LOESCHE for the preparation and coal injection into their kiln burners used for nickel mineral drying.

LOESCHE will supply the whole coal grinding plant, from trucks receiving hopper up to the existing fine coal storage silos and two silos to feed the A TEC GRECO Flexigen® Hot Gas Generators of 53 MW each.

The heart of this coal grinding plant will be a LOESCHE vertical roller mill of the type LM 27.2 D capable to produce 42 t/h at 15% R 90 microns. The gearbox will have a power of 530 kW and the integrated Flexigen® Hot Gas Generator, which will be delivered by A TEC GRECO, will have a capacity of 7 MW.


Similar mill type LM 28.2 D installed in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany

The scope of supply of LOESCHE also considers all mechanical equipment, transports, silos, hot gas generator for the mill itself, the electrical equipment, motors, instrumentation as well as detail mechanical and electrical engineering.

LOESCHE Latinoamericana, S.A.U. is managing this project which is now being delivered.

LOESCHE will carry out the installation supervision and will be fully responsible of the commissioning of the plant planned for the end of 2014.

First published on on April 28, 2014