Renk AG and LOESCHE GmbH agree on exclusivity for COPE gearbox

Renk AG as a leading gearbox manufacturer and LOESCHE GmbH as a leading provider of vertical roller mills (VRM) will together market the drive concept COPE for vertical roller mills exclusively in future, allowing them to develop this further in line with requirements.

As cement producers have different requirements for drives in vertical roller mills, the latest developments in the area of drive train technology offer a wide range of options. Especially in the case of higher mill outputs, cement producers nowadays frequently favor drive systems with multiple motors and gearboxes with milling force decoupling.


From the left: Dr. Thomas Illenseer, Dr. Thomas Loesche, LOESCHE GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. Florian Hofbauer – CEO, Dr.-Ing. Gottfried Braun – General Manager Special Gears Division, RENK AG

In a cooperation with LOESCHE, Renk has developed the Cope gearbox, this offering a redundancy of up to 8 motors at the motor end. As this power train retains the normal dimensions, the systems is also suitable for retrofit gearboxes in existing mills. LOESCHE and Renk have agreed on an exclusivity in the marketing, application and development for the next 5 years.

The Cope gearbox is primarily available for mill outputs between 4000 and 12,000 kW. With this drive concept, the companies LOESCHE and RENK will offer a highly redundant innovative drive system for large and very large vertical mills with a short delivery time and low investment costs on the market.