LOESCHE wins breakthrough US retrofit order

LOESCHE Energy Systems Ltd, the specialist division within LOESCHE GmbH that handles the company’s fuel-grinding business for the power-generation market, has won a milestone contract to supply high performance dynamic classifiers to Xcel Energy’s Sherco power plant in Minnesota.

Minnesota – The contract builds on the company’s experience in supplying high-efficiency dynamic classifiers to the power industry world-wide, and marks what LOESCHE Energy Systems believes is a turning point in strategy within the US power-generation sector.

Comprising 14 classifiers for two boiler units, the order comes on the back of a concerted effort by LOESCHE Energy Systems to help US utilities upgrade their existing power plants to achieve greater efficiency, reduced emissions, reliability and operating profit.  LOESCHE Energy Systems have already supplied over 300 retrofit classifiers worldwide, including in the US, and the company has established a solid reputation with this technology, which can be applied to enhance the efficiency of existing vertical roller, ring-and-ball, and ball-tube mills.

The order was won by LOESCHE Energy Systems’ US team, based in Washington, PA, with support from LOESCHE Energy Systems’ main office in the United Kingdom.The order includes design, supply, and commissioning with the first of the new dynamic classifiers scheduled for delivery in July 2014 and the order due for completion by the end of the year.

For more information and equipment photos, please contact:

Paul Garnham
LOESCHE Energy Systems
Business Development Manager – USA
E-Mail: power@loescheamerica.com
Mobile (US): 724 884 5330
Tel (US): 800 468 1180

LOESCHE wins breakthrough US retrofit order