LOESCHE wins the Deutscher Bildungspreis 2014

In the sector category “Production: small and medium-sized enterprises”, LOESCHE managed to come out on top against numerous competitors due to its best practice training and talent management and has received the Deutscher Bildungspreis 2014.

LOESCHE wins the Deutscher Bildungspreis 2014

Munich – The TÜV Süd Academy and EuPD Research Sustainable Management present the ‘Deutscher Bildungspreis’ (German Education Award) every year under the motto “Learning from the best”. In four sector categories, companies are awarded for best education and talent management under the auspices of the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

Since 2012, over 250 companies have applied for the ‘Deutscher Bildungspreis’. The winners are selected using a practice-oriented and expert-based valuation method, which was developed in collaboration with personnel and training experts from companies of different sectors and sizes as well as scientists of different technical fields. “When selecting, the expert team attaches great importance to future-oriented approaches to strategic personnel development, which include a targeted promotion of talents and sustainable training of the staff”, explains Jürgen Metz, Managing Director of the TÜV SÜD Academy.

Along with 120 other companies, LOESCHE GmbH applied for the Bildungspreis 2014 and was able to come out on top of the competition in the sector category “Production: small and medium-sized enterprises”.

The award ceremony took place as part of a ceremonial event in the historic Munich Künstlerhaus (House of Art) on 12th May 2014. “LOESCHE owes this success to the instruments of the demand-oriented personnel development introduced in 2008 as well as the close cooperation with the LOESCHE Training Center and the benefits for the staff associated with this. This result will further consolidate the employer brand LOESCHE and shows that we are on the right track towards a productive personnel development in the company”, explains Christian Trzeczak, LOESCHE Corporate Human Resources.

LOESCHE GmbH congratulates its committed teams in Human Resources and in the Training Center for their excellent achievements.

LOESCHE wins the Deutscher Bildungspreis 2014

Award ceremony in Munich. Representing LOESCHE, Dr Regina Krammer (2nd from right) and Sandra Lappe (3rd from right) receive the Deutscher Bildungspreis (German education award).

Background information: Deutscher Bildungspreis 2014

The TÜV SÜD Academy and EuPD Research Sustainable Management launched the ‘Deutscher Bildungspreis’ in 2012 in order to establish scientifically sound and practical quality standards in training and talent management and to award the best concepts in Germany. The initiative is also being supported by various partners this year. They help to incorporate professional training management as a strategic company goal in Germany. Media partners of the ‘Deutscher Bildungspreis’ are the Haufe Group and the eLearning Journal. Wall Street English, the bsct academy GmbH and Materne Training are involved as premium partners. Other partners include the eLearning provider impatto and the personnel service provider Hays.