LOESCHE supplies the first 2 Vertical Roller Mills for Cement Grinding to El Arish Cement of Egypt

El Arish Cement is extending the clinker production capacity of its existing cement plant and will add 2 new lines with a clinker production capacity of 5,500 tpd each.

LOESCHE supplies the first 2 Vertical Roller Mills for Cement Grinding to El Arish Cement of Egypt

Similar mill type LM 63.3+3 installed in Nallalingayapalli, India

El Arish Cement already operates 2 LOESCHE vertical roller mills – Type LM 56.4 – for cement raw material grinding within their existing lines No. 1 and No. 2.

Due to their extremely good experience with the performance of the existing LOESCHE mills, El Arish Cement decided to have the same mills again also for the 2 new lines. Those LOESCHE mills, Type LM 56.4, will grind raw meal with a capacity of 450 tph and a fineness of 12%R90 µm.

As the new mills are of the same type than the existing once, common spare parts can be used keeping the spare parts demand to a minimum.

For cement grinding El Arish Cement also decided in favor of LOESCHE vertical roller mills by selecting 2 large mills of Type LM 63.3+3. The table diameter of those mills equal to 6.3 m and will be driven by a drive system with a rated capacity of 6,800 kW.

The mills will grind various cement types with capacities of up to 305 tph.

Amongst El Arish’s very good experience with their existing LOESCHE mills in operation, a very low specific energy demand of the milling system and the vast experience of LOESCHE – now with 310 vertical roller mills for cement grinding sold worldwide – were major decision factors to trust LOESCHE also for the supply of their first 2 vertical roller mills for cement grinding.

In addition to that, El Arish Cement wanted to be ready for a changing market, requiring not only simple OPC cements but also various types of additive cements with a wide band of different product finenesses.

LOESCHE vertical roller mills are ideally designed for such demands, guaranteeing a quick and simple changeover from one product to another and at the same time ensuring an energy efficient production for all cement types required.