LOESCHE supports Charity: Water

Clean water for Malawi and India

LOESCHE supports Charity: Water

The water well in the Chiphwafu village, sponsored by LOESCHE


Düsseldorf – In the past, many mills were powered by water. Since drive motors have become the prevalent, water is now first and foremost readily available to us. Because our employees often travel to distant countries, we know that clean water is hard to come by in many parts of the world and is therefore a true luxury.

As an internationally operating company, we take our responsibility seriously and would like to give something back to the people in these countries as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. For this reason, LOESCHE has been supporting the non-profit organisation Charity: Water.

The first result of this engagement is a water well in Lutarupara-Molliktola in Bangladesh. After one and a half years’ preparatory work we are pleased that at the end of 2014 an additional well was completed, this time in Chiphwafu Village in the East-African country Malawi. This was likewise built with the support of LOESCHE. The drilled well allows the village community there year-round access to clean drinking water that is free of pathogens and pollutants. Alongside the construction of the well, the people in the village have been taught about safe and sustainable ways to use water. Of Malawi’s 15.9 million inhabitants, around 3 million have no access to clean water and 92% have no access to sanitation facilities.

LOESCHE is currently supporting the organisation Charity: Water with a school project in India. Completion is scheduled for the start of 2015.

About Charity: Water

More than 800 million people in the world have no clean water. The non-profit organisation Charity: Water works worldwide to provide people with drinking water. Alongside building wells, Charity: Water teaches local people about hygiene measures, how to use water safely and how to monitor water sources, in order to achieve long-term success. More information about Charity: Water can be found here www.charitywater.org