The New Cope Drive is on the Market

The increasing performance requirements of cement producers led to rethink the further developments in drive technology for vertical roller mills. Particularly for larger mill outputs, Loesche favours a drive system with multiple motors and gearboxes with milling force decoupling.

In order to meet these demands, LOESCHE will use for future projects with high and medium grinding capacity the COPE gearbox developed in cooperation with Renk, which offers a redundancy of up to 8 motors at the motor end. Only 4 models of the COPE gearbox, equipped with 6 to 8 motors, allow for a classification in a range of capacities from 3 up to 14 MW and thus an application within up to 17 different mill types.

For a constant output speed the COPE drive does not require any variable speed drive for the maintenance-free drive motors and moreover can be operated with a reduced number of motors. This new type of drive concept allows for an operation with for example 7, 6 or simply 4 of the 8 existing motors. Even in operation with only 7 motors, 100% mill output can be attained by activating the design reserves installed. The compact design of COPE gearbox is also of advantage as it does not require any additional modification of the mill foundation.

As this drive train can be put into operation with the common gearbox dimensions, this system can as well be considered for any retrofit at existing Loesche Mills.