New order for Loesche cement mill including COPE gearbox

Cementos Moctezuma, Mexico commissions LOESCHE with the delivery of a LM 53.3+3 C cement mill including COPE gearbox and thus decides in favour of the latest state-of-the-art technology for their cement works in Apazapan, Mexico.

New order for LOESCHE cement mill including COPE gearbox

Similar mill type LM 56.3+3, Festus, USA

Apazapan – The three cement works of Cementos Moctezuma S.A. de C.V. in Tepetzingo, Morelos; Cerritos, San Luis Potosi; and Apazapan, Veracruz are all equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, in order to meet the requirements for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cement production. For the first time, in order to expand production capacity, this plant uses a vertical roller grinding mill for cement grinding. Naturally, LOESCHE technology is a ‘must’ here. Cementos Moctezuma is a joint venture company of Cementos Molins, Buzzi Unicem and the Mexican partner Grupo Carso.

The LOESCHE vertical roller grinding mill LM 53.3+3 C is used in the cement works in Apazapan for grinding clinker and will produce 205 t/h CPC 30 cement at 4,000 Blaine as well as 195 t/h CPC 40 cement, also at 3,700 Blaine.

The further scope of delivery of LOESCHE includes a LDC classifier (LOESCHE Dynamic Classifier), as well as the COPE gearbox, including gearbox drive motors,
developed in cooperation with RENK AG.

At the motor end, the innovative COPE gearbox features a redundancy of 8 motors. With all 8 motors in operation, an output totaling 4.6 MW is achieved. The customer advantage lies in the fact that the COPE gearbox can reach up to 100% of the mill capacity performance even with a reduced number of motors. The COPE gearbox has the same external dimensions as a conventional planetary gear system and thus requires no extensive enlargement of the mill foundations.

As a worldwide leader in technology, LOESCHE always endeavours to meet with innovation the many varied requirements of the industry. Reduction of TCO, CAPEX and OPEX, as well as a resource-saving, environmentally friendly and safe operation of the grinding plant are the overriding principle in LOESCHEs product development. Here, synergies result between Cementos Moctezuma and LOESCHE.

Commissioning of the LM 53.3+3 C cement mill for the expansion of the Apazapan works is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.