LOESCHE coal mills for Japanese integrated iron and steel plant

JFE Steel Corporation, Japan, is trusting in the LOESCHE coal mills once again and ordering a LM 28.3 D, which produces the pulverized coal for injection into the blast furnace, for its integrated iron and steel works in Fukuyama.

LOESCHE coal mills for Japanese integrated iron and steel plant

Similar mill type LM 28.3 D, Berrenrath, Germany

Fukuyama – JFE Steel Corporation already uses three LOESCHE coal mills in its works. Alongside the types LM 23.2 D (2 mills) and LM 28.2 D, from the years 1997 and 2000, now a fourth LOESCHE vertical roller mill of the type LM 28.3 D is to be used for grinding coal in JFE’s Fukuyama works. The customers were impressed above all by the excellent performance of the type LSKS LOESCHE dynamic classifier: the improved grain size distribution made the difference here and was the most important deciding factor for JFE Steel.

The new LM 28.3 D vertical roller mill will grind 70 t of coal per hour with a fineness of 25 % > 0.074 mm and consequently increase the performance of the existing PCI plant for pulverized coal injection into blast furnace number 5.

The LSKS dynamic classifier has the great advantage of reducing oversized particles, therefore improving combustion in the blast furnace: the injection rate of ground coal into the blast furnace is increased and the use of expensive coke is reduced.

Commissioning of the LM 28.3 D in the JFE Steel Corporation works in Fukuyama is planned for mid-2016.