LOESCHE Energy Systems supplies LOESCHE coal mills type LM 35.3D to Rafako

In May 2015, LOESCHE Energy Systems successfully signed a contract to supply 5 off LOESCHE coal mills type LM 35.3D with LSKS Classifiers to Rafako SPV for a New Power Unit in TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. Jawzorno III Power Plant in Poland.

LOESCHE Energy Systems supply LOESCHE coal mills type LM 35.3D to Rafako

Similar mill type LM 35.3 D, Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Rafako is the largest manufacturer of utility boilers in Poland, and nearly 80% of utility boilers currently in operation in Poland were supplied and installed by Rafako.

Jaworzno III power unit will have a 910 MW gross power and will be equipped with supercritical once-through pulverized fuel boiler for bituminous coal. The power station is designed to have high efficiency levels and to meet stringent European emissions standards.

The pulverized fuel throughput required to achieve boiler maximum continuous rating will be achieved with 4 + 1 LM 35.3 D mills, wherein four mills will be in operation and one will be on standby.

LOESCHE Energy System triumphed amidst stiff competition from well known boiler competitors. The main technical reason for the selection of LOESCHE Mill is that it delivers lower mill different pressure and consequently, lower auxiliary power consumption than competitors mill. This strategic design improvement in LOESCHE Mill has been made over the last few years.

The mills will be delivered to Jawzorno III site in 2017.