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Christian Trzeczak

“My personal career at Loesche”

“After studying Economics, majoring in Human Resources and Controlling, I was given the opportunity in 2007 to take over personnel development at Loesche GmbH; a position with a broad scope of action and a great deal of responsibility.

Thanks to the personal familiarisation by Ms. Krebs, our head of HR, I soon became acquainted with the processes at Loesche GmbH and was able to contribute my own ideas and suggestions to improve the department, which gave me and still gives me a great deal of satisfaction…” Read more

Pierre Wlodarzyk

“Career start as work student”

“My responsibilities increased steadily and I was entrusted with responsible and demanding tasks. This gave me an excellent insight into the day-to-day work and I was able to apply what I had learned during my courses. I was given every opportunity to contribute my own ideas and suggestions. I was warmly accepted by all employees and colleagues and always given the feeling that I was an employee just like any other…” Read more

Maximilian Leppak

“Studying and career at Loesche”

“Having started my studies of Business Administration, it was important for me to simultaneously gather practical experience in order to put the theory of my daily studies into practice right away. Luckily, I was accepted at Loesche GmbH as a trainee student during my first semester. I started working in the “recruiting and development” department where I learned a lot about the day-to-day work within the first few months. This helped me to a great degree during the course of my studies…” Read more

Silke Keshta

“A lateral career move”

“After completing my “Abitur” (the German school-leaving certificate, permitting entry to a university), I apprenticed as a cabinet maker, subsequently finishing my academic studies at the RWTH in Aachen in the field of architecture and urban planning. Thereafter, I have been successfully employed as a “Diplom-Ingenieur” (Chartered Engineer). However, I was not very pleased with the working conditions in the construction industry. Therefore, in 2007, I started investigating development opportunities in other industry sectors. Thus, I came across the profession of “Technical Editor…” Read more